Things you buy as an addition to the basic coffee maker

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This section attempts to cover some of the many accessories available to you after you have purchased your coffee maker. There is a massive market in these goods, some products are good, some are gadgets and probably some are a wast of money. That's not for me to judge, but for you to judge after writing or reading the articles.

This area will also include cleaning products

If you have an espresso machine of any kind there are some basic "accessories" you will probably want.

  • Shot Glass
  • Decent Tamper
  • Group Head Brush
  • Milk Jug
  • Some sort of Knock Box (for the spent coffee grounds)
  • Puly Cafe (or similar product) for backflushing & cleaning of coffee implements
  • Blind Filter basket, or backflush disk (but you can make one if you have to)
  • Descaler (e.g. Citric Acid) for hard water areas

The rest of the stuff out there is optional……