Cleaning Implements Useful Smaller Tools

Some of the smaller implements I have for Cleaning and other little Jobs

An extract of a post from the forum, re cleaning steam wands

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Good post Paul. I also have to be very careful of cleaning the tip. Even when using a wet paper towel to clean the dried on milk immediately after pouring my drink, and although it "looks" perfectly clean, I have to remove it from time to time as there is always a build up on the flat underneath of my tip and around the "washer".

Now, it's no big deal to give a thorough clean any tips would be appreciated.

Removal of the wand tip is essential for throrough cleaning, I am sad in that I have a very small bottle brush for doing the job!! It's the same as those you see used in dentistry and can buy from your average dentists or pharmacy. To clean tip:

1. Remove from wand, soak in boiling water (with washing up liquid for a few minutes)
2. Blast steam out of wand now minus tip (you will be suprised how you can get stuff in there you never knew you had )
3. Work around inside of tip at back, but avoid the hole for now, your trying to get anything dried on at back off (use a pin larger bottle brush whatever)
4. Work a bottle brush through the tip (try not to use a pin, cause it's easy to scratch, score or possibly enlarge hole, I use blue tipped one for steam wand)


From Left to right.
Tepe Interdental brushes (bottle brushes)
Dental Mirror (to check group gasket and other hard to see areas in machines (can screw on to end of longer rod)
Dental Picks assorted
Pound coin for size and scale

This small kit can be purchased for less than £15 and I have found it comes in very handy for all sorts of little jobs. The dental picks make removing the group gasket really easy, bottle brushes are great for cleaning all sorts of very small pipes, tubes, valves and other orifices.

I know….i'm obsessive