Coffee Freshness

Coffee Freshness, Top 5 Chart


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5. An opened packet of pre ground coffee.
Once opened and exposed to air ground coffee rapidly starts to deteriorate. If left exposed to air ground coffee has a shelf life of about 15 minutes. A forgotten packet from the back of your kitchen cupboard is unlikely to make a decent drink and is best chucked in the bin. Even instant coffee is better than stale coffee.

4. A new packet of pre ground coffee
Pre ground coffee can taste remarkably good straight from the packet. However even if tightly sealed, the coffee will have dried out and will not taste as good within 24 hours. Within a week it will be completely stale.

3. Shop bought roasted beans ground at home.
Whole coffee beans deteriorate a lot more slowly than ground coffee, however most supermarkets give an unrealistic shelf life and do not state the roast date. Coffee grinders start at around £20 and give a very worthwhile improvement in taste and in storage time.

2. Specialist roasted coffee beans.
There are many specialist coffee roasters around the country. The best of these select their beans with care and are skilled at roasting to obtain the best flavour. Once roasted and stored correctly coffee beans have a shelf life of up to 6 weeks.

1. Home roasted coffee beans.
Coffee beans are at their best 3 to 4 days after roasting. The best way to ensure a reliable supply is to roast your own. Coffee can be roasted in a popcorn maker costing less than £20 although for ease of use and for practical quantities home roasting machines start a round £125. Green coffee beans are available from a number of suppliers on the Internet.