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Strangely enough I looked a few years ago for coffee related humour on the Internet and found hardly any. I think this might be because in the wonderful world of coffee, a lot of people are very serious about taking themselves, and coffee…..too seriously. This meant that the humour either had to come from the "serious coffee people"….that was never going to happen, or from people who were not serious about coffee…trouble is they don't have the "inside knowledge"

So for the non coffee person reading the different coffee forums and wondering whether to get involved with coffee, sometimes we can look to be a geeky and frightening bunch. This little humorous mickey take of the world of coffee is partly to show that we are normal..well almost.1

To those "very serious" coffee people…if you have a "sense of humour failure" over any of this……I'm sorry…it was never meant to offend a_takethatfoo.gif

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If you are particularly interested in the Blap series of cartoons, they are numbered Blap1 to Blapn…and are better read in the order they are written.

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