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Some Sites I use for Research

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Over the years I have found quite a few sites that I find useful for Coffee research purposes and I thought I might put up a few links people might find interesting. Many sites come and go, but these have all been around a long time. In general they are non commercial and may not be the usual sites you have visited before. The nature of research is to read all you can and use the knowledge selectively as appropriate to come to your own views. You may find many conflicting opinions.

For Information about Coffee or the Industry

Supremo Coffee Encyclopedia
The Coffee Guide (one of my favourites) (basic information)

Some decent information about Coffee Roasting Cupping etc..

Boot Coffee (lots of articles)
Roast Magazine (a Subscription e-zine, but some free articles in current and back issues viewable on line))
Sweet Marias Cupping Archive

Diagrams & Parts Spares and repairs

Now it may seem strange to have Nuova Ricambi listed, but I actually find their search facility and diagrams an invaluable source of information. Not only covering how things are put together, but also what's available. The site takes a bit of work to navigate and find what you want though.
Nuova Ricambi (Spares & Accessories)