GC2 Coffees

Coffees Purchased by the Coffeetime Greens Club in May 2007

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Took a little longer to get the coffees this time as they were all from an overseas warehouse, I think about 9 weeks elapsed from the time of order, to arrival at the UK distribution centre we were using. That said, a real gem of a shipment at very competitive pricing. The coffees themselves, as usual, all looked of excellent quality and to be honest the current pricing means we got some bargain lots. I am especially pleased with the look of the Guatamalan and the Mexican. Each member this time bought in for 15 Kg (3 kg of each coffee).

The Brazilian Fazenda de Lagoa turned out to be a Peaberry…that information wasn't available at the time of ordering and it's excellent news. For the price of the coffee and the fact that it's on the single estate speciality list, I think we may have a little gem there (I thought the screen sizes were on the small side…now explained).

A closer examination of the bags and paperwork also pulled up some corrections and additions to the names of the coffees.

Guatemalan Arabica Isabel – Finca Ceylan OCIA 100% Organic
Finca Ceylan has annexed other farms to it over the years. I think that Isabel was one of those and probably the confusion over names. But looks a great coffee and I think still comes under rainforest alliance as they do preserve some forest on the Finca. if I was retailing this I would probably stick to: **Guatemalan Finca Ceylan OCIA 100% Organic **

Mexican Altura "Topacio" SHG
Small producers are hand pulping, fermenting, washing and sun-drying all the coffee…the process is heavily dependent on good weather at time of drying to get best quality. The importer we used prefers to describe this coffee as meeting their standards of a HG (High Grown rather than strictly High Grown). Needs to be taken Medium Dark and has good body some chocolate notes, and the slight roughness of a mexican coffee.

Brazil Santos Peaberry - Fazenda De Lagoa
This one could be a little gem at the price, it seemed to roast well, so it will be interesting to see how it tastes. This peaberry Santos has wide roast range from medium through to medium dark, but is best not taken too dark. An ideal blending coffee, or can be drunk on it's own.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (washed)
What's to say a classic coffee, I love the Ethiopian coffees, I have'nt roasted this particular one yet, but there should be fruit/citrus overtones with some smooth body. This may well be best roasted to just before second crack or very slightly into it.

Panama Boquete SHB
I have had Panama coffees before and they tend to have the brightness and balance of some colombians, but with fruity, and dark chocolate overtones. That's to me anyway , but then I have liked Panama coffees for a while now. Very good to blend with and a very interesting base as an alternative to using a Brazilian. They have a wide roast range from medium through to dark.

So another great buy and the pricing this time has been even better. The coffees chosen from the speciality coffee listings look great and I don't think we will have any complaints about the Yirg and the Panama coffees. Keep an eye on this page as I will be adding photos of the coffees later today

Looking forward now to the next Greens Club buying round GC3!