Complements Of Coffee

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Complements Of Coffee
By pastry chef and coffee enthusiast,
Edward Ard

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We all enjoy a good hot cup of coffee, especially on a cold morning. If you are like me, you know that coffee time can be any time. It can be served before, during and after any meal. Coffee breaks can be taken throughout the day and into the evening hours.
On occasion we might choose to substitute a meal for a light snack, accompanied by a large mug of our favorite coffee. Coffee can also be enjoyed along with a mid-morning or a mid-afternoon snack.

m_27d66e64cf231cccd411c78faaffae78.jpg Coffee & Food Pairing:

What goes well with coffee you ask? The answers to this question will vary, depending on the coffee drinker. Personal preferences range from sweet & sour treats to hot & spicy. Similar to food pairing with wine, finding what goes well with your coffee can also be a fun and rewarding experience. To appreciate flavors more intensely, obviously there needs to be variety. Creative food pairing can actually improve your coffee experience.

m_84c0ec2ded75872d35760a044255ee16.jpg Mocha Latte:

Imagine having a chocolate muffin with a mocha latte. There’s not much contrast in flavors to distinguish one from the other. Neither is highlighted or balanced by the other. It’s almost as if both are meshed into one single flavor characteristic. That being the overwhelming, sugary chocolate in the muffin combined with that same sugary flavor of the mocha drink.

Now, try that same mocha latte, but this time, with a banana muffin instead. Aha! Now, you have something that will tame that burning sugary sensation of the stronger chocolate flavor.

m_b72b808252537e3fb3e302f339c0c113.jpg Single Origin Coffees:

Brazilian coffees tend to be a bit milder in flavor, so try and contrast that with something not so mild in flavor, like a lemon flavored biscotti with nuts. You will notice how the tart, crunchy bite of the lemon biscotti will enhance the mellow flavored Brazilian coffee.

Sumatran coffees on the other hand, having more intense and up front bold flavors, will go well with something lightly sweetened and creamy textured, like say a slice (or two) of cheese cake.

Espresso Blends:
Dark roasted espresso blends offer the opportunity to combine bold flavors with bold. This is for those of us who can handle such an endeavor. I would recommend pairing your espresso with something that can stand up to its bold and powerful punch. A slice of good pecan pie can do just that. You get both the crunchy and hearty texture of the pecans and also the powerful sweetness of sugar, all in one bite.

Creamy Sourcream Cheesecake Recipe (U.S./METRIC)

*Tools you might use

-Springform baking pan (or a regular pie pan is fine) - 9in / 23cm
-Wire whisk & mixing spoon
-Mixing bowl

Gram cracker crust -
Crushed graham crackers1 - 12oz / 340g
Granulated white sugar - 3oz / 85g
Softened butter - 3oz / 85g

Cream cheese filling -
Cream Cheese - 1lb / 454g
Sour Cream - 1lb / 454g
Granulated White Sugar - 1lb / 454g
Lg. Eggs - 2 Lg chicken eggs
Vanilla Extract - 2 tsp / 10g


Gram cracker crust -
1.) Preheat oven to 350 F / 177 C
2.) Mix together the graham crackers, sugar and butter.
3.) Press firmly onto the bottom of the pie pan.
4.) Bake for about 8 -10 minutes.

Cream cheese filling -
1.) Preheat oven to 325 F / 165 C
2.) Cream together the sugar, cream cheese & sour cream.
3.) Stir in the eggs and vanilla extract, blending well.

*The Finale -

1.) Pour the cream cheese mixture onto the gram cracker crust & bake for @ 35 minutes, or until almost firm.
2.) Take pie out of oven, sit at room temperature for an hour.
3.) Refrigerate for a few hours to set before serving.