Distilled Water In Coffee Machines

Distilled Water in Coffee Machines - Is it safe, are there benefits?


There is a lot of nonsense talked about distilled water, this article demystifies some of that. I no longer use distilled water, as a Reverse Osmosis unit is far cheaper to run, more convenient and does a great job.

Distilled water in certin situations, can be slightly more reactive than tap water, to prevent any risk of corrosion and also to improve the taste because of the slight increase in bitterness (mainly due to the reduction in dissolved calcium), you can dilute with a small amount of softened or hard untreated water to bring the TDS up to 40-50ppm. This gives a significant reduction in the need for descaling e.g. perhaps once per 12 months or less.

I will at some point get around to doing a write up on my RO unit