Duetto Hot Areas

Where does the Duetto get hot

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A recent forum post asked whether the case of the Izzo Alex Duetto gets hot.

How hot is the case of the Duetto (and if it is not too far off topic, the regular Alex?). Obviously the grouphead gets very hot, but on one old thread there was an ambiguous reference to how hot the Alex gets and it was unclear if they meant the grouphead or the case. With a small child, I might have reservations if she could burn herself on the case (but I'm willing to risk the grouphead since something has to get hot in order to make coffee).

It's very easy for those experienced with a particular machine and take things like this for granted, but it was actually a very good question

The case Sides back and front drip tray area remains completely cool because it has a double skin. The photo below makes it clearer (click to enlarge). The areas in red are where the duetto is hot. The cup tray is not as hot as the group area..all machines will get hot in these areas (although many machines get hot all over!).


The regular alex has an identical case and gets hot in the same places. I have 2 small children and have had the Alex on the counter since they were very small…neither has shown an inclination to touch the machine. No comfort I know, but even if they do touch a hot area, they will only do it once and It won't scar them for life…..that's not to say you should leave young children unattended in kitchens of course….but mine are 5 now and have known since 3…..not to touch Dads coffee machine.

One thing to consider…..any espresso machine with buttons (automatic operation), is more likely to cause serious injury than one without….a single press is all it takes to blast scalding water out of a hot water wand/or group and that WILL scar for life. This is not to say that a child can't turn a knob or lift a lever, but perhaps will be less likely to do so.