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All the espresso machines I have ever reviewed for Bella Barista

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Over the years I have reviewed a great number of espresso machines, many for our sponsor Bella Barista. When reviewing I have only 3 rules

  1. Be Truthful (mention the good and the bad)
  2. Be realistic (the cost of a machine must be taken into account)
  3. Be Thorough (especially having a look around inside the machine

The reviews for Bella Barista are all copy protected, if they don't like them, well that's not my problem. I am trying to review the machine from your own perspective and reasonable expectations, plus my own knowledge and experience…not simply make a "sales review". The early reviews are perhaps not as detailed, polished, or as good as I would like them to be; and I definitely became slightly less tolerant of poor quality control from manufacturers as time went on. Many of the later reviews stretch to 16+ pages and a great deal of effort has gone into them. I felt it was a loss for Bella Barista to remove reviews from the website, just because they may no longer sell the machine (for various reasons)… here they are (with kind permission from Bella Barista)!

I will include many of the photos from my extensive photo archive, these are of course not annotated, but should you attempt repairs or are rebuilding a machine, then hopefully these will be of help. In addition I am including something many of you will not have seen before, the "internal specification sheets" that the Bella Barista Sales people refer to for quick information about the machine, plus any other relevant documentation.

In addition to current models, I have also included the reviews for older versions, mainly because it might help existing owners.

There are approximately 26 machines to place within this section, so it is still a work in progress……please be patient.

Downloadable files for machine awaiting wiki pages

File nameFile typeSize
Isomac Tea closer look encrypted v5.pdfPDF document271.13 kBInfo
Isomac Tea specsheet v2.pdfPDF document83.86 kBInfo
Isomac Zaffiro A closer look encryptedv4.pdfPDF document532.25 kBInfo
Zaffiro specsheet v3.pdfPDF document145.33 kBInfo