Expobar Brewtus II



Expobar is located in Gandia, Spain, formed more than 20 years ago by a small group of technical people who realised the industry lacked a variety of commercial and domestic models that were well built, reliable and affordable. They continue to research, develop and produce quality espresso equipment. Continually improving and catering for industry changes or technological advances.

The Brewtus II design is based around twin boilers, one for brew water, the other for steam and hot water. It’s a high quality espresso machine and solidly built. It has many desirable and innovative features, such as twin boilers, electronic digital temperature control, twin gauges for boiler pressure & brew pressure, insulated boilers, switchable mains water or tanked operation (without needing case removal) and others

It has an unprecedented level of brew temperature control and stability for a prosumer machine. It makes easy work of the entire range of gourmet coffee drinks. Plentiful amounts of hot water & steam are always available for tea, other hot drinks, or foaming milk for that creamy hot chocolate or cappuccino.

The twin boilers allow espresso shots and steam use at any time, without "preparing" the machine first (and with no impact on brew temperature). It features a professonal E61 group head and is one of the more desirable home machines among aficionados

Specifications Detail
Height - Width - Depth: 420 x 260 x 460 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Voltage & Power 230 V-50Hz, 1300W
Water Tank 3 litres, removable with low water sensor
Boiler Twin insulated 1.5 litre boilers, one steam/hotwater boiler and dedicated brew water boiler. Copper with brass ends, 1200W heating elements in each
Pump Pressure 12-14 bar
Group Head: 1 (E61)
1 Filter Handle(s ) For 1 or 2 cups, Internal Diameter 58 mm, removable drip tray, cup warmer
Construction: Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel
Water/Steam Hot water on demand. Steam on demand, wands on ball joint mounts
2 Pressure Gauges: One Measures boiler pressure, the other measures brew pressure