Expobar Office Leva - Dual Boiler (owners comments)

A owners comments after 5 weeks

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Life with the new Expobar Office Leva

The only thing I do not like about this machine is the name…although it does actually have one Leva! I had been having sleepless nights prior to it turning up because I imagined the operation of the Leva to be extremely complicated when compared to my previous machine. After opening the well packaged (and I mean no chance of damage occurring in transport) double boxed item, the first thing I looked at was the very informative user guide which is specially written by the company for the user. It explained in step by step instruction along with very descriptive diagrams and colour pictures, exactly how to set the machine up at home. As well as this, it explains how to tweak the various settings. I ran through this set up guide and at the end, felt happy that the machine was ready for use.

Looking at the machine, it has an exceptionally small footprint which makes it ideal for someone with space limitations but wants a Prosumer type machine. It easily fits under the kitchen cupboards and actually compliments the style of my kitchen. I did not want a machine that needed to be plumbed in as it means I can move it easily when I need to. My daily ritual is to lift off the cup warmer and to fill the water tank with filtered water. It comes with a couple of inline water softners but the area I am in has soft water anyway and I have a Carbon filter tap system. I have fitted a couple of handles from kitchen cupboards onto the warming tray (holes already there) which makes the lifting job a doddle.

Once she is switched on I just leave her. I have the temperature on the PID set to 94 and once that is attained, then you know she is at working temperature. The design is pleasing, the materials used in construction seem high quality and I have no complaints. The drip tray is enormous! I am not sure just how much it holds but I am guessing at a couple of litres at least! Apart from the PID control, the front has 2 more dials showing Boiler and Brew pressure. It is fascinating to see the Brew gauge leap into action as the water is forced into the group head.

I have not been technical in this review because I do not know enough about the operational side of things. For me, it looks good, am very happy with the service levels offered by BellaBarista (this is vital because they uphold the terms of the warranty, not Expobar or a service company appointed by them),it certainly makes good coffee. I have hot water on tap. I only have to empty the drip tray once a week! I never thought I would upgrade from the machine I had, but, to be able to buy such a well made bit of kit that is a twin boiler system offering the features this does for the price this does..well, do I need say any more.

A lot of people are fooled into buying re-conditioned commercial machines that have had their guts ripped out over the years. Do you really need a 2 group machine with a 7 litre boiler to keep warm in your house to served maybe 10 shots a day? I would certainly say no, when you can buy this machine!

I hope you pick up the enthusiasm I have for the Leva. It takes time to fall in love, and I am sure that will happen very soon! But for now, I am 100% pleased that I waited for this, the new improved model to come out.

Kind regards