Gene Cafe - Coffee Roaster

The Gene Cafe hybrid roaster - an overview


Genesis Co LTD (Korea) is a relatively new entrant to the Coffee Roasting market and spent many years researching and designing its Gene Café roaster. They did this with a good knowledge of the available products on the market for the home roaster. This has resulted in a product that addresses any "perceived" negative points of these other home roasters.

They have taken a totally new approach which they call "Off Axis Roasting" and it seems to have many benefits. Mainly that of not having to use hot air to agitate the beans, means this airflow can can kept to the minimum required to add heat to the beans. This minimal airflow means that the roast characteristics are not the same as those commonly associated with fluid bed roasters.

It’s not a heavy roaster, which makes it easy to move around, important for the home user and common with this class of products. The machine has a clean high tech look with a black finish that will look good for a long time. The materials used are steel, Pyrex, Aluminium and glass reinforced high temperature plastics and appear to be of high quality. With a little care this roaster will look good and should last for many years. The machine is fairly quiet in operation although it does take some practice to hear the cracks during the roast.

Cooling is done within the roasting chamber by forced hot air and the whole chamber is then simply lifted out to empty the beans. Once done, the Gene Café is ready to roast again. Using the quick cool down cycle you can roast a 250-300g batch of green beans every 22 minutes. Also see Choosing a home roaster

More information at Genesis