Gene Cafe Dimmer Control Mod - Stage 1

Stage 1 dimmer control of temperature

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Enable the Gene to progressively lower the power applied to the heating element, so that rather than switching it on and off, it simply got less hot, minimising the temperature gradient within the drum and the overall maximum temperatures the beans are subjected to near the inlet end of the roasting chamber.

  • Target cost = less than £25
  • Difficulty = easy
  • Time to complete = less than 1 hour (it can be done in 30 minutes)
  • Fully Reversible = yes


  • overall temperatures within the Gene would be reduced extending component life and heating element life, because maximum temperatures are reduced overall.
  • More accurate profiling of temperature within the roaster at and beyond 1st crack
  • Limited ability to control the ramp up of temperature
  • Better Roasts
  • If you do have a pre March 07 Gene with a 230V element, you will probably get better (and faster) roasts and prolong heating element life. (click here to read rest of article)