Gene Café Routine Maintenance

Gene Café Routine Maintenance
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The Gene requires very little in the way of routine maintenance. However the roasting chamber obviously needs cleaning occasionally. The easiest way to do this is to remove the metal plate. This can simply be pulled out with a pair of pliers. Initially it will be stiff and there is the danger of dropping the chamber when it suddenly slides out - be warned. Soaking the parts in Puly café for an hour before scrubbing with a washing up brush will remove most of the grime.

Periodically, depending on how heavily you use the machine it is necessary to clean the filters.

Air Intake
Turn the machine upside down and vacuum the air intake1. The intake is located under a grill at the right hand front edge of the machine. Under the grill there is very fine mesh gauze. Dust will accumulate here, and if not removed will seriously reduce the airflow through the machine.


Chaff Collector
The construction of the chaff collector more complex than it looks. To clean it, it is necessary to dismantle it. This is very simple, only requiring the removal of 6 screws from the underside. Once these have been removed the box can be split apart. Under the exit grill there is a perforated plate, remove this and vacuum any dust or debris that has collected underneath.


The symptoms of blocked filters are, element switching during ramp up and erratic temperature control once the target temperature has been reached. In severe cases target temperature may not even be reached.