Gicar Wiring For Izzo Alex

Gicar Wiring For Izzo Alex Mk1

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The Gicar box in the Alex, sometimes known as the autofill controller exists in one form or another in most prosumer coffee machines using an HX system, or where simpler control of a non HX system is desired. The Gicar and Giemmie boxes are the most common although you will find other makes of these controllers. They are a very simple logic circuit and a few relays to control the "automatic functions" of espresso machines…, element protection etc…

In the Alex Mk 1 and it might be the same as the mark 2, the Izzo wiring for the Gicar box is shown below. There is also a photo of the side of the Gicar controller that shows what components of the machine the wires control. The MK2 Vivis definitely have a different colour schema for this wiring and you cannot use this as a guide, I am not sure whether this is valid for the MK1 Vivi (although I would love a Vivi owner to check and confirm if this is also correct for the MK1 Vivi).

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