Green Coffees Images and Information

This page contains images and a little useful information on Green Coffee. These will generally be coffees purchased via the greens club, or other coffees owned by coffeetime members. Clicking on any image will take you to a larger version.

In general with greens you haven't tried before, it's well advised to search on the web for information on how to roast them and try and get a few opinions. Another approach, to try in addition to research (as all coffees vary from year to year), is to take the majority of them to the point where second crack is just starting and then experiment with longer or shorter roast levels from that point. Obviously there would be some coffees where you would not want to do that and you will know what those are. My suggestions on roast levels is really just a bit of guesswork based on past experience.

Images from the various Greens Club Purchases

GC1 Coffees
GC2 Coffees
GC3 Coffees
GC4 Coffees