Group Gasket -fitting tips for stubborn gaskets

Sometimes these gaskets can be difficult to fit

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If you are having trouble getting yours to fit….because the E61 groups do vary slightly, try the procedure below.

  • With the shower screen and gasket cold and out of the machine, switch the machine on and let the group warm up for 20 minutes. This will expand the group and make the cold gasket and shower screen easier to fit)
  • Take the shower screen and only place the gasket halfway up the shower screen (this will spread it slightly less and allows the gasket to flex for easier fitting).
  • Place the screen/gasket assembly on a portafilter without basket… push then lock it in (this ensures it's flat and correctly aligned as it enters the groove in the grouphead.

E61 groups don't differ very much and it's very unlikely a gasket will not fit…..if this doesn't work as it is, then a little Vaseline will help (although I prefer not to use it).