Home Roasting

Coffee Roasting a "black art"!

Home roasting isn't as tricky as you would think. It is a hobby I believe takes very little time to learn, a bit longer to learn to do it reasonably well…..but a lifetime to master. I am no expert by any means, but I hope in some small way I can either ease your journey into home roasting, or make it seem easy enough for you to want to try it for yourself.

Why home roast?

When you can get all that great coffee at the supermarket…….yeah sure!

The main reason for most home roasters is to have their coffee fresh and for many reasons, getting your coffee fresh is very difficult to do. Fresh by my own personal definition, is coffee that was roasted not longer than 4 weeks before you drink it and preferably even younger than that. Another reason is to have your coffee roasted exactly the way you want it. The final reason is……it’s good fun!

You notice I have not mentioned saving money, simply because you don’t save as much as you think (although you do save)…and really that’s not the point of home roasting.

Now I don’t profess my guides will be as good as some on the internet (I am sure they won’t be), what they will be is my perspective on Roasting and a very simple view of what’s involved. It's a simple view because i think many people find the thought of home roasting a bit daunting….and it really isn't that hard. There are many resources on the Internet to help the the home roaster.