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2018 November 22 Gatineau Quebec Canada

Just purchased a non-operating Millenium II espresso machine and looking forward to the challenge. To date I have rebuilt LaPavoni Europicola and Professional for myself, friends and relatives so this will be a new machine for me and new challenge. I will post snapshots and captions as I go along the "voyage of discovery" sorting out what is wrong with it. As some of you might wonder, asking price was $500 CDN and the seller accepted $250 CDN. That's Canadian dollar if you are wondering. I have a high confidence in success (only just a little hubris…..) as forty five years of repairing everything electronic and mechanical. With some help, a good schematic, and asking questions the solution(s) to the issue ought to reveal themselves.

More to come.

I am leaving the web instructions in for the time being until I do not need them any longer.

David Balcaen, Anishnabe


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