Isomac Tea, Millenium Or Relax - Brew Pressure Adjustment

The Brew pressure adjustment for all 3 machines is identical (I also include the Zaffiro Brew pressure adjustment)

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In all of these machines, the OPV is in the same place and adjusted the same way. Twisting of the centre portion (where the plastic pipe is attached) adjusts brew pressure. This should normally be done with a Blind filter (back flushing filter) in the group and not with Coffee! I usually set them to around 10 or 10.5 bar, which with a Blind Filter would be the "static" brew pressure, before the OPV allows flow to be diverted to the tank. I personally prefer to set them with the machine cold or cool (not at operating temperature.).


The positioning of this OPV is slightly different in the Isomac Zaffiro, but it is adjusted the same way