Izzo Alex De-Buzz

If your Alex case Vibrates a bit….try this


Where the outer case meets the front panel, place some sticky (single sided) hi density foam along the whole edge each side. It's the sort of stuff commonly used in car body shops.

Also bending the tabs slightly at the bottom of the outer case (lower arrows indicate position), helps pull the case in a bit more snugly. These tabs drop into slots on the frame. Only do the 2 side tabs, not the one at the back.

If you have the Izzo Alex MKII…..mine is now the MKI, then this modification is unnecessary as the case is drawn in at the top by a bolt and captive nut system each side. This keeps it under tension and of course eliminates the vibration. In addition the rortary pump motor on the MKII is rubber mounted, whereas on my older MKI, it was bolted directly to the frame.