Mazzer Mini E Modifications (grid removal)

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Many of us have the Mazzer Mini E grinder and a few owners have expressed dissatisfaction over certain areas. Even though my grinder doffs it's cap to me each time it hands me a portafilter of reasonably static and clump free grinds, I realise many of you are not so lucky. So what ticks me off about the Mazzer Mini E, well to start with it is a fine grinder and the most sensible at a reasonable price (nearly £500) for domestic use because it's small. However it does not appear to have been designed with the domestic consumers volumes of coffee in mind. Usage in the domestic environment which will never be as high volume as the commercial one and herein lies the problem. What started me experimenting was thinking about the Versalab and reading an owners thread on the Coffeetime Forum.

For many months I have noticed how it really takes around 3 shots to get the really good shot, unless your prepared to grind out a LOT of coffee each time you pull a shot. This is because the exit chute (the one with the little wire grid) in the picture below holds a significant amount of coffee. I estimate around 9g at least is in the chute and around the arms of the burrs waiting to get flung out into the portafilter. Of course when your going to make a coffee this stuff is stale and it also does not all come out at once (lift the lid of the funnel and watch!).

The solution for me up to now has been to grind out 1 single shot, but that's not really enough, as I think around 2g of the coffee in the first and second shots is stale coffee which gradually works it's way out and by shot 3 it's all fresh coffee…'s the reason why I usually have the 3rd shot if I have friends round. icon_wink.gif So grinding out a double to get rid of the stale coffee would be ideal, but that's a hell of a lot of coffee to waste if your pulling shots for one or two people at home (because it goes stale in the chute so quickly you have to grind out the stale coffee even after an hour!). (click here to read rest of article)