Misc Downloads

It's here until I find the time to make proper Wiki pages for some of it

Water softener maintenance, a brief overview, might be useful if you have a coffee machine on an inline water softener

Funny Stuff

Funny video of a computer user and coffee

Chuck Noris Coffee!

Another add for Coffee…just!

I'll never leave my computer on at night again

OK do this to my coffee

A Tax on Coffee!

Some Fake Products

Upgraditis - The feeling we get once we find out coffee forums actually exist or websites like this. An extract from a posting I made some time ago on TMC

One of my Favourite characters - Foamy

Coffee Humour (how to order coffee at Starschmucks)

neurotically yours….coffee house propaganda (V Funny)

Coffee Humour (more about coffee at Starschmucks)



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