Naked Shots Using Single Basket

Some extractions using the naked (bottomless) portafilter & Single basket

The single basket is sadly neglected, but I like to have smaller shots, more often. I think it's more difficult to use and harder to get those eye bulging crema shots. Bean used was Ethiopean Lekempti roasted around 4 days before (med roast). Not one of my better shots, or videos for that matter (lots of pixel multiplication used to brighten up a dark image) original format is MPEG 4. Oh….excuse the crema

This time I used my solid state video camera rather than the stills camera for the video (uploaded as an mpeg2 file), plus the addition of a halogen lamp. A little "barbers pole" striping at the end, so not perfect…but again passable.

The beans are again Ethiopian Lekempti, roasted 8-9 days ago. Proving that you still get loads of crema from beans roasted more than a week ago if they are correctly packed within 1 hour of roasting. Tasted good too!