Shared Roast Logs

Our online application is easy to use - share your roast data with others

I have been working on improving the roast log format within the Wiki, because even I find it it hard to edit in the Wiki syntax. After working a few hours with Excel to try and put a better form up I decided that something a **lot better than this was needed. I then came across a roasting application written by a member of TMC which was starting to move along the right lines, but unfortunately he was not interested in a "meeting of minds" and see if he could build in some of the functionality I feel is essential in an roast log….these essentials are:**

  • Integrated on-line blending application…share your favorite blends or blending disasters with everyone
  • Access to everyone, whether a member of Coffeetime or not
  • On-line and shared with roast information accessible by all
  • Multiple views with limited sorting and filtering of data
  • Ability to export data into excel or other applications
  • Enough information to be relevant and useful to all
  • Multiple user access to the online database
  • Able to access your roast data from any computer that has an internet connection
  • Software and browser independent

It's a very powerful application and you can always export the data to another application should the online filtering, sorting etc.. not meet your specific needs, or simply if you want to have a paper copy handy when you are roasting. The important thing is all the relevant data (I hope) is captured. Oh, I have not written any instructions, because I would hope the application says it all and it won't need any instructions….but as always any feedback is appreciated.

Please click: Roast log Application to directly access the application, or access it within the Wiki using the window below


I have also created a handy blank roast log template for you to print out and use while your roasting, so you can capture all that important information. Remember to save the trees and print on both sides of the paper!