Plastic High Pressure Tube Repairs

+Plastic High Pressure Tube Repairs

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The high pressure plastic tubing used in some machines (Expobar, Quick Mill) works very well indeed, no problem there….but if during assembly the manufacturer over tightens the fittings, it can "tear" the self formed flange at the end of the tube and cause it to leak, or pop out of its holder. However, it's one of the easiest fixes in the industry. If you come up against a leaky high pressure plastic tube joint, simply undo it, trim off 1-2 mm of the tube (the self formed flange bit, you will probably see the tear), push onto the fitting and retighten the but. As you tighten the fitting will reshape (cold form) the end of the
tube and it automatically forms it's own seal. Just don't overtighten it (no thread sealants of any kind are needed, or should be used).

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