Rancilio Rocky Burr Replacement

Rancilio Rocky Burr Replacement

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Andy Cordwell (moc.thgilddo|enoddo#!em liame)


Approximately 40minutes.



  • Good quality 5mm flat head screwdriver with longish handle (not stubby variety)
  • 12mm socket, short extension bar, and driver
  • Permanent marker pen
  • 2 x long pliers (to group and remove bottom burr).
  • Vacuum cleaner with crevice tool.
  • Very small flat head / needle / paperclip (to clean out screw heads and remove coffee residue).


  • Stiff group head cleaning brush (to help cleaning)


Turn off and unplug the Rocky.

Keep adjusting the grinder until the hopper spins with consistent friction to its very end minimum setting. This will remove coffee crud from the threads and make it easier to assembly later.

Adjust the grinder to 30 on the dial. The actual value is unimportant – it’s used to ensure the hopper is aligned on reinstall.

Remove the bean carrier lid. Look inside and observe the finger guard. At the end of each of the three arms is a screw, which is likely to be hidden under beans and other coffee crud! Use the very small flat head (or paperclip or something) to gently dislodge the beans to expose the screws. Turn the grinder upside to let the beans etc fall out.

Remove each of the three finger guard screws. Gently pull the hopper, including the finger guard, up and away. Note the screw on the underside that stops the adjustment at the end of travel. Place to one side.

If your grinder has not been cleaned for a while you may wish to use your vac around now!

The brass upper burr assembly is now exposed. Mark the burr assembly in line with the exit chute using a permanent marker pen.


Gently and slowly unscrew the upper burr assembly, counting the number of complete turns (its probably 11). It may be fairly stiff, but it should be possible to remove by hand. Hold it firmly as it comes to the end.

You’ve now exposed the lower burr assembly. Note the lower burr is identical to the upper burr.

Clean the threads in the housing using a stiff group head brush or similar.

Turn the upper burr assembly upside down to view the burr. The burr is held in place with three screws. Remove all coffee reside from the screw heads and surround. You may find a small flat head, paper clip or stiff group head cleaning brush is helpful here. Double check the screw heads are completely clear of coffee reside.

Hold the burr assembly firmly, and apply considerable downward and rotational pressure on the flat head to unscrew each screw in turn. You should now be able to pull the burr away. Place the screws in a pile and the old burr to one side.

Thoroughly clean the burr assembly, and ensure the surface the burr mates against is completely clean of all coffee residue. Ensure the burr assembly threads are as clean as possible. We’ll come back to the upper burr assembly shortly.

Clean all the coffee reside from around the screws in the lower burr assembly. The screw heads need to exceptionally clean! You may wish to use the vac again at this point.

Assemble the socket, extension and driver and place over the top of the shaft. Hold still while apply very considerable downwards and rotational pressure to loosen and remove each of the three screws.

(Note screws are removed in this picture)

If you can remove the burr with your fingers then do so, otherwise you’ll need some dexterity with a pair of long nose pliers! Grip the bur around one screw hole with a pair of pliers in one hand, while gripping around another screw hole with a pair in the other hand. Grip firmly, and pull the burr up and away. See picture below. This may take a couple of tries.


Very thoroughly clean the lower bur assembly, paying particular attention to the mating surface.

Drop a new burr into the lower bur assembly, hold the assembly still with a socket on the shaft, and tighten each screw in turn. Don’t over tighten.

Place the burr in the upper burr assembly, and tighten each of the screws. Again, don’t over tighten.

Place the upper burr assembly loosely ontop of the housing. Very gently screw the assembly a single turn. It is very easy to cross thread – be carefull here. You may fit a very small amount of Vaseline smeared around the very edge of the burr assembly threads assists here.

Screw the burr assembly the required number of turns. On my Rocky this is eleven. Stop when the mark is in line with the exit shute.

Drop the bean hopper in place. Ensure 30 is in line with the exit shute. Replace the finger guard and replace the screws.

All done!

Run a couple handfuls of beans through to check and re-season.