A Residual Current Device (RCD)

Is a protective device that switches off its output circuit automatically, when it detects an earth fault current that could pose an electric shock risk.

Any appliance plugged into a socket-outlet can pose an electric shock risk and in many homes, all socket-outlets are now protected with an RCD.

The risk of serious injury and death from electric shock is far greater outdoors compared with indoors, due to wet conditions and good contact with the ground. Any socket-outlet that may be used for plugging in 230/240 Volt portable electrical equipment for use outdoors must have RCD protection - this is a requirement of BS 7671. The RCD should have a tripping current (maximum rated residual operating current) of 30 milliamperes.

If you have any 230/340 V socket-outlets that may be used for plugging in portable equipment that will be used outdoors, and are not protected by an RCD, buy a plug-in RCD adaptor from a reputable dealer. Using such RCDs offers a good temporary solution to reduce the risks of injury or death from electric shock. However, a safer solution is to ask a qualified electrician to install permanent RCD protection for these socket-outlets.

Coffee Roasters should definitely be used with one of these….especially if used outside.