A Coffee Wiki to capture articles, knowledge and "nonsense" from the Coffeetime Forum and share some of our passion for coffee. There are many coffee sites on the web, some have: very good information, very technical information, information written by what can only be described as "people who are fanatical about coffee". Using our Wiki is easy just type the word or phrase you are interested in into the search box e.g. home roasting, " or use the Contents page. The Wiki can (and does), hold video, audio and picture content, obviously the larger files are better linked to services such as youtube, flickr etc..you should also try Tag Browsing, it's a very powerful way to find the information in this Wiki

I think many people reading this Wiki may not always have a lot of experience, so we try to keep things simple where possible, this means simple explanations, simple diagrams, simple techniques. If you want to consistently make good coffee, and be able to offer your friends a beverage that is superior to anything they are likely to get on the high street… I hope we can help.