Super Automatic Machines (how much to spend)

Super Automatic Machines (how much to spend)

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I've been given the task to choose a Super Automatic coffee machine for a client, I have to get this right!! He is upgrading from a Gaggia Titanium. I know nothing about Super automatics so any advice would be great.

So far I've been looking at a Seco

any opinions on this machine??

or maybe a Jura?

The reply

I was looking at some Solis machines recently, specifically the Solis Ultra one touch (commercial model), this was in the same price range as the machines you are talking about.

The suitability of any Super auto depends on what it's being used for. I have not found one yet that can make decent espresso, simply because the temperatures don't seem to be hot enough with the thermoblock systems in use. The main difference between the cheaper home machines like the titanium and the more expensive super autos is capacity (cups per day), quality/strength of construction and of course reliability.

Specifically for the Solis Ultra one touch:

Temperature of espresso…same as all other super autos (on the cool side)
Pucks nice and dry, storage for 25 pucks
Automatic brew Group, tough and well made, can be removed for cleaning in 10 seconds
Milk frother (tube into milk container), gave surprisingly hot milk froth, unlike some machines (usual loose foam)
Easy to use and program…also very programmable
Capacity of 200-250 cups a day claimed, I don’t think this would be a problem
Hot water draw is OK and just hot enough for tea or cup a soups etc…

Cleaning, via tabs, but occasionally the brew group needs removing and cleaning, this is easy, but it does have to be completely dry before you put it back in machine (overnight job)

I was reviewing it specifically for the possibilities of home use and although it would perform admirably in such an environment, it would not really give a product that much superior to a £400 superauto (admittedly the product would be a little better), that it would be worth paying the extra money. It’s also overkill for home use where the person will generally want 5-10 cups per day.

You don’t mention anything about what the customer found lacking in the Gaggia or the type of drinks it’s expected to make, cups per day capacity, any features he specifically wants, concerns etc.

Expensive machine $3000!

Sorry should of mentioned why he was upgrading.

It's a home machine(15 cups a day max), this guy is into his coffee, money is no object (lucky fecker)His wife won't use a standard Espresso machine, hence the fully automatic. So he wanted the ultimate automatic espresso machine for his house.

I've been reading up on Super Automatics and I would have real difficulty recommending one….I don't see the advantage of the upgrade. As you said Dave its quantity, reliability you are upgrading to rather than better espresso.

I've had a few espresso and cappa's from the Titanium and they were fine. I think I will suggest staying with the Titanium for the moment unless he really wants to upgrade for the sake of it.

This article was an extract from the Coffeetime Forum and is really just to illustrate that you can spend from around £400 - £1500 on a super automatic machine, the main difference will be reliability and cups per day capacity. Unless you need a very high cups per day capacity and are only using 10-20 cups per day it's probably not worth the extra money.