The Beginners Guide

We all have to start somewhere…consider this your Coffee 101 for beginners


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An area where it's kept VERY simple

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It's very confusing when you first start out trying to enjoy real coffee. Often it's something you have had in a Starbucks, Costa, whatever and it's tasted OK, maybe round a friends house in a cafetiere. So what do I mean when i say "real coffee"…basically anything that doesn't come out of a jar that's simply mixed with boiling water!

This section of the Wiki was designed for people who have been a bit scared off by forums, think we're all a bit Geeky, or simply don't know what they don't know and don't even know where to start looking…..well you have come to the right place. Here we will take it slow and easy, baby steps. Some of it may insult your intelligence, some of it may be new to you. My objective is to help you move from instant coffee to "real coffee", but just the first few steps. When you have made those steps, I then would like to equip you with the basic knowledge and map to allow you to then find your own way into the coffee world and eventually make the coffee drinks you might aspire to.

The articles will be added as I write them, so keep a regular watch on this section for new articles, all of the articles will be tagged "coffee101".