Warming up an E61 group machine quickly

How to quickly warm up your E61 based Espresso Machine

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Most people know that an E61 based machine takes around 45-50 minutes to come completely up to temperature before they are able to make decent quality espresso. There is a faster method to warm up the group and bring the machine to a useable temperature much more quickly. Simply wrap a tea towel around the group as shown and your heat exchanger machine will be warm in around 20 minutes and 25 minutes for a twin boiler E61 (e.g. Izzo Alex Duetto). It’s a simple but effective idea, for when you forgot to switch on your machine and you want it warm in a hurry.

I didn’t think of this simple solution myself….I actually read a post by someone called Cafeike on Home Barista…..who suggested the method.

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